Shorts – Page 1 – The Kid Complement

This post is in response to the picture prompt plate #3 here. I should say thank you for the prompt –

Picture Prompt Plate #3

I have never done this before, it’s a first attempt as I came across this post. So, here goes.

Aisha looked at Neela sheepishly, who was on the verge of laughter after looking at her daughter’s muddy face and the strange puppy on her shoulder. But she asked her sternly, ” Where did you get that puppy from?” Aisha replied, ” I was playing in the mud and he just jumped on me.”” Okay, let him be, he will go back to wherever he came from. Let’s go” She knew full well what was going to happen. “I want to take him home with us.” After a bit of negotiation between the mother and daughter, it was agreed that Aisha would have to convince her father before a decision was made.

Now, Raghu, the father was once frightened of dogs, and had been chased by a few in his lifetime. Neela always wanted a pet, so she had been laying the groundwork over the years. Raghu, knowing that he will one day become the minority and the caretaker of that pet in the family, had been putting it off using various reasons – “immunity…baby…apartment…travel…etc.” Neela now had her strongest case yet – his darling daughter and her current state of infinite cuteness. She knew he was going to be steamrolled.

Raghu met them at the end of the turn tired after his run, his eyes widened and his mouth fell open. ‘What in the world?’, he thought. “Aisha has something to ask.” Neela said nonchalantly. He gave her a look which said, ‘Oh really’ and then turned towards Aisha.

“Papa!!..” “Okay, sure”. “Just do the necessary things before making him a part of our family. Let’s get you both cleaned up first.” Neela laughed. ‘Without even a whimper’, she thought.

So that’s how a 3 became a 4.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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